I'm Kate Duxler, the Old Soul CEO

And I’m here to help you do what I’ve done: create the freedom and fulfillment you crave at a soul level.

By 30, I was a busy entrepreneur who was conventionally “successful.” But, my life lacked integrity. I had a hidden drinking problem, a sparkless marriage, and didn’t know the first thing about authenticity and self-worth.

This wasn’t exactly ‘the dream’ I had in mind. It turns out what my life lacked was spiritual meaning. I set out to make ALL parts of my life work together.

I did some hard things. I sold my companies, ended my marriage, and quit drinking (things I once thought impossible). And, one day at a time, a spiritual mission emerged and brought integrity, power and purpose into all parts of my life.

I discovered how to create success based on my soul’s purpose, and now I want to help you do the same.

If you know you're meant for something big and important in this life, that's your soul calling. You came here with a plan for an ideal life of freedom and fulfillment, and my purpose is to help you manifest it.

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My Core Values


Who you really are is kind, altruistic and gentle. Live from that place. Anything but that is fear. 


You have the right to choose how your life goes. Never play victim and you’ll own your power.


Inside you is a spiritual compass. It uses mind, body & spirit to guide you. Let it lead your life.

Self Worth

You are enough as you are. Nothing diminishes your innate value. Believe this with all your heart.

What I Believe

You are a spiritual being who came here with a plan to do what you love, make an impact and express your true self. 

  • Your soul has a deep desire to build a better world.
  • You have the power to manifest incredible success.
  • To use this power, you must live with spiritual values.
  • Your soul wants freedom on every level.
  • If you follow your heart, the universe supports you.
  • The only thing that can stop you is fear.
  • Spiritual entrepreneurship holds the key.

When you’re a spiritual entrepreneur, having an inspired vision and purpose is critical to success. Ready to connect with your higher calling?

How Can I help you?

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